About Transborder Educators

Founded in 2011 by three friends with a passion for education, two of them colleagues at an international education company and the third, a Chemical Engineer and African Drumming Instructor from the University of Pennsylvania, Transborder Educators is an independent, registered nonprofit organization headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.

Our Work

Transborder Educators (TBE) develops High School, Undergraduate, Masters and Doctorate degree curricula in STEM fields, and then delivers courses to students, primarily in sub-Saharan Africa, through interactive web-based and mobile technologies. Students who successfully complete their program are awarded their respective diplomas and degrees. How it works:
- We find reputable STEM professors from around the world, who believe in our work, mission, vision and values, to donate their time to train in using web-based and mobile technologies to deliver semester-long courses.
- We find qualified students from around the world, who lack access to STEM Masters or Doctorate programs in their home countries, to pursue graduate studies online as a matriculated student of one of our university partners. We provide them with a computer tablet, a bit of training, and local laboratory support.
- Courses are taught live and online by STEM professors in the US, UK, Australia, Ghana and elsewhere, and delivered to students primarily in Africa and around the world.
- With an internet connection,a low cost pen tablet and web conferencing software, students and professors are able to interact in real time.
- At the conclusion of their studies, students are awarded accredited Diploma, Bachelors,Masters or Doctorate degrees from our university partners.

Our Mission

Transborder Educators mission is to provide high-quality, K12, undergraduate and graduate coursework in STEM fields to students who lack access to opportunities to pursue them. Using affordable,innovative solutions to connect higher education in the sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to students in the developing world.


We envision a world where all people have access to higher education and seize those opportunities to learn, so that they may apply their knowledge and creative genius to advance their communities. We believe that the best development solutions can be found with people, who yet lack higher education, but who have lived through poverty their whole lives. They know best what is needed to improve their nations and, given the education and skills to do it, they would be able to shape their communities in the ways they see fit, in order to create more and better opportunities for future generations. We believe that the aspects both within and outside of ourselves over which we cannot control,such as where we were born, our race, our class, and our gender,should not determine whether or not we can obtain and attain the education to reach our greatest potential.

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